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October 27, 2021 at 6:00 PM - Regular Meeting

1. Call to Order
1.A. Invocation
1.B. Establish a Quorum
1.C. Public comments / audience participation
1.C.1. Principal Reports
2. Action / Discussion Item (s)
2.A. Consent Agenda
2.A.1. Approve Minutes from September 22, 2021 Board Meeting.
2.A.2. Set date for the November 2021 Regular School Board Meeting
2.B. Consideration and possible approval of changes in classes included in Class Rank at WTHS.
2.C. Consideration and possible acceptance of bids on property "struck off" the tax rolls.

Property 1- Lots 9 through 11, Block sixty-eight Original Town of Stinnett. 818 Morse Ave. Stinnett
Property 2-Lots 10-14 Block 48 Original Town of Stinnett S. Wilhelm -Counter offer
Property 3-Lots 15-18, Block 48 Original Town of Stinnett 1201 Wilhelm - Counter Offer
Property 4- Lots 58-63 Retreta Del Plano Unit 1 Hutchinson County 0 Camino Real Stinnett - Counter Offer
2.D. Consideration and possible approval for hiring of AG teacher
2.E. Consideration and possible approval of Intent to sell Real Property and Invitation to Bid on "single lots"  and not the entire property as a single unit or possibly establish a minimum bid for the entire property.
Lots 1-12, Block 1 and lots 1-12 Block 2, West Texas Addition within Section 21, Block M-23 of the Texas Central Railway Survey, Hutchinson County Texas, and identified by Hutchinson County Parcel Nos. 103533 - 103556.
2.F. Consideration and possible approval of the letter of engagement with Kile & Co. CPAs to perform the District's 2020-2021 annual financial audit. 
3. Information and Announcement Items(s)
3.A. Financial Report
3.B. Enrollment Figures
3.C. Activities Calendar
3.D. Review Superintendent's evaluation timeline and process.
4. Closed Meeting - Texas Open Meeting Act
5. Reconvene Into Open Meeting
6. Adjourn

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